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Persons with Disabilities are the most disadvantaged sections of the society. They themselves, their family and care takers face several challenges in their daily social life including the social stigma and discrimination. It is accepted and proven fact that physical, mental and sensory impairment can either be prevented or its adverse effects can be reduced through proper and timely intervention. This requires a well-designed Disability Management Approach, a physical and social environment positive to persons with disability and committed delivery system.

Kerala State in line with the latest developments in disability prevention and management across the globe and in the country, launch a comprehensive approach in disability management right from primordial prevention to sustainable rehabilitation of PwDs – Comprehensive Right Based Life Cycle Approach in Disability Management- named “ANUYATRA” means walking together. This project will be implemented in a campaign mode with specific objectives, tangible indicators and time bound activities.

Vision:  Transform Kerala to a Disabled Friendly State through a Comprehensive Rights Based Life Cycle Approach.