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Aswasakiranam Scheme envisages assisting the care givers of physically and mentally disabled bed-

ridden patients, who are their family members or relatives. This scheme intends to provide a monthly assistance of Rs.600/- to those care givers who are unable to take up employment for self-sustenance. The scheme came into effect from 02/08/10 and all those who have been providing care giving service to patients since 02/08/10 will be paid monthly assistance with retrospective effect. This is apart from the pension given to the patient.


(1) All bed-ridden patients who need a full-time caregiver.

(2) Mentally challenged (AutismCerebral Palsy, Mental retardation, Mental illness).

(3) 100 % blind, bed-ridden cancer patients, old-aged bed-ridden.

(4) Brittle bone disease.

Kerala is a state well known for the efficient and effective health care system. Despite these advancements, much headway could not be made in home care. Most of the lowest income group always opt for the homely treatment as they cannot afford the charges levied by the well-known hospitals. They are bedridden causing a heavy social burden on their family members who are forced to stay back at home to look after these bedridden patients. While the upper income group can possibly afford to engage paid caregivers or home nurses for looking after such bedridden family members, the lower income group usually take it upon themselves to care for their bedridden brethren. These family members in fact function as informal care-givers, without due recognition or economic gain.

These results in loss of gainful employment or productive income for those informal caregivers who are forced to stay back home and look after their bedridden family members. This in turn results in economic loss for the entire family as one or more members cannot seek gainful employment outside their homes. Hence this scheme provides a source of income or a monthly assistance of Rs 600/- for these informal caregivers.


·         One who is totally bed-ridden and at home with debilitating disability (physical, functional or mental)

·         One who cannot take care of himself / herself for any day to day activity without a support of another person

·         One who belongs to a family, Below Poverty Line as per BPL list and as per ration card

·         One who belongs to APL, family annual income should not exceed 20,000 in panchayat and 22,375 in municipalities / corporation.

·         One who is eligible for disability pension under any Government scheme.

·         Endosulfan affected victims who are totally debilitated. 

·         Physically & mentally bed ridden patients should produce a valid Medical certificate / ID card issued by a competent medical board under the PWD ACT

·         There will not be any income limits for mentally challenged beneficiaries


·         A family member or close relative, who is unemployed without any source of income and who is at home to take care of the bedridden patient.


·         Only `caregivers’ as per the above definition, taking care of patients as described in the definition of patients will be eligible for financial assistance.

·         The assistance will be stopped when the care giver stops caring for the patient or dies. 


Kerala Social Security Mission will release the amount to the identified care givers monthly through electronic Money Order or Bank Transfer. The Life Certificate of patient and proof of presence of care givers should be given to Kerala Social Security Mission by the Anganwadi worker duly certified by the concerned ICDS Supervisor, once in every year.

The assistance to caregivers will be over and above the pension granted to such bedridden patients. Thus a family can become eligible for an assistance of Rs. 600.

The assistance will be stopped immediately on receiving intimation on the death of either the patient or the care giver. If there are any changes in care giver, the same should be intimated to Kerala Social Security Mission through CDPO.


1.      Medical certificate attested by Govt./ Vayomithram / NRHM doctors  

2.      Attested copy of BPL ration card / BPL certificate issued by Panchayat or Municipality or Corporation / Income certificate issued by village officer as a proof for patient income

3.      Attested copy of Aadhar card / confirmation slip received after Aadhaar card registration.

4.      Life certificate to be submitted every year through CDPO to Executive Director, Kerala Social Security Mission to continue the scheme benefits.


Application duly filled to be submitted along with Doctor’s Certificate at nearest Anganwadi or ICDS office.


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