Kerala Social Security Mission


Care Givers for Institutions

Vayomitram inmage

There are 74 Welfare Institutions functioning under Social Justice Department and the present staff

pattern of these institutions does not provide nursing staff or care giving staff.  Most of the institutions are functioning with 3 or 4 staffs and the staff pattern is one superintendent, matron, peon, cook etc. Some other institutions the staff pattern is superintendent, caretakers, deputy superintendent, clerk, cook, peon etc . The institutions like asha bhavan, old age home have staff pattern of superintendent, ayah, nurse, cook, PT doctor etc.  But the number of inmates in most of these institutions exceeds their sanctioned strength and it is very difficult to manage the institutions with the limited staff.

Most of the institutions are presently functioning as shelter homes providing shelter & food. The KSSM has initiated this project to extend care services to the needy residents who are living in our institutions.  Kerala Social Security Mission has initiated a pilot programme for providing care providers to the neediest institutions like Old Age Home and Asha Bhavan and  the Mission has selected 8 old age homes and 5 Asha bhavans under the project during the year 2012-13. The successful experience in introducing such initiative in welfare institutions, KSSM has proposed to extend the scheme to  all welfare institutions under the department based on their requirement and considering the number of inmates during the year.

The details of institutions functioning under the department of social justice which needs care support to the inmates are as detailed below.

1. Institutions for children:

Special Homes-2

Children's Home-7

Observations Homes-14


Childrens Home Nooranad-1

Government Bala Sadan-1



2. Institutions for Adolescents:

After Care Home for Boys-1

After Care Home for Girls-2



3. Institutions for Women:

Mahila Mandirams                            -12

Asha Bhavan                                  -3

Short Stay Home                            -1

Rescue Home                                 -1

Prathyasha Bhavan                          -1

Home for Physically Handicapped Women-2

One Day Home                                 -3

Total -23



4. Institutions for Men:

Asha Bhavan                                      -3

Pratheeksha Bhavan                           -1

Home for Physically Handicapped Men   -1

Total -5


5. Institutions for Aged:

Old Age Homes –12 (including the new old age home at Arattupuzha)

Home for the Physically Handicapped Aged-4

Total        -16

Grand Total -74 Welfare Institutions. 

Out of the current year’s budget allocation, Mission had provided 77 multi task care givers, 16 Nurses to the welfare institutions and we have sanctioned 11 social workers to the respective districts except Trivandrum and Kozhikode. Considering the number of institutions situated in a complex at Trivandrum & Kozhikode, mission has decided to set up a mobile clinic with a vehicle consisting of one Allopathy and Ayurveda doctor, Nurse, Counselor, Yoga Trainer, Social worker for the welfare of the inmates of all institutions in the district. The services of the team can be utilized to all institution based on a prescribed schedule prepared by KSSM in consultation with the Director, Social Justice Department.

During the next year (2014-15) we are proposed to extend the service of care staffs and the professional staff to all welfare institutions based on the requirement, considering the number of inmates and on the standards fixed for each institutions specified in the Acts and Rules. We are also planning mobile clinics to certain other districts where the institutions are functioning in a complex. We are also proposed to purchase medical equipments like B.P apparatus, glucometer etc. and medicines for the use of inmates of the welfare institutions on the basis of the requirements suggested by the professional team. We are also planning to impart special training in child care, geriatric care, disabled care, health care and the overall management of the institution to all the care staffs including professional staffs working under the scheme.