Kerala Social Security Mission


Social Security

It is believed that a perfect society is a myth or a utopia. The welfare of the society is the well being of its members. A society that performs well in every sector has to take care of the health and lives of every class and section of the community. Kerala is known for the welfare measures it has taken for the people of the state and is considered a welfare state. The state has initiated many social security schemes for the poor and the needy as the concept of a welfare state pre-supposes careful planning and effective implementation of welfare services for the weaker sections of the community. The Social Welfare Services intend to provide needed care and protection and such other services to the women, children, physically and mentally challenged, destitute, orphans, aged, infirm etc. In spite of the achievements of the state in physical life standards and the Kerala Model Society the state has to resolve many issues related to the people at the grassroot level and those who are marginalised. It s necessary in the modern age that the society needs to be approached in a holistic manner with remedies for the illnesses at the core level. Instead of encouraging the self-centric attitude, a philanthropic attitude should be promoted among the members of the society towards the poor and the needy.