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Disability Certification Camps

Disabled camp


Kerala Social Security Mission has conducted disability certification camps all the grama panchayats, 53 municipalities and 5 corporations in all 14 districts of the State in collaboration with the local self-governing bodies, officials of the Social Justice Department and Health. This venture was the first of its kind in the country and ensured that all the disabled in the State enjoyed the rights conferred on them by the UN Convention for Persons with Disabilities and that they received all the benefits reserved for them. Kerala Social Security Mission ensured that all the disabled persons in each Panchayath was brought to the camp with the help of anganwadi workers and saw that all disabled persons got the ID cards and benefits out of this. Sensitisations camps were held at Panchayath, Block and Anganwadi workers level prior to the main camp. ID Cards, Pass Book and Medical Certificate for all disabled persons were given on the spot in all the camps.



Disability Census 2014-15









 Across the world people with disabilities have poorer health outcomes, lower education achievements, less economic participation and higher rate of poverty than people without disabilities. This is partly because people with disabilities experience barriers in accessing service that many of us have long taken for granted, including health, education, employment and transportation as well as information. These difficulties are exacerbated in less advantaged communities.

To achieve the long lasting, vastly better development prospects, we must empower people with disabilities and remove the barriers which prevent them participating in their communities; getting a quality education, finding a decent work and having their voice heard. 

As per the U N convention of the rights of the persons with disabilities article 1 "Person with Disabilities include those who have long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others" .As per the world disability report 2011, about 15% of the population in the world has disability and among them 2 to 4 % is suffering from severe disabilities.