Kerala Social Security Mission


Karunya Deposit


Vayomitram inmage

This scheme is intended to raise resources for the medical and educational support of physically or

mentally challenged children attending special schools or who are inmates of orphanages/ institutions etc. The objective is to attract depositors who are willing to deposit an amount of at least Rs.One lakh or its multiples as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funds. The money raised would be deposited in the state treasury for one year and is renewable on annual basis. The interest and equivalent amount contributed by the government will be used by the Mission for meeting the special requirements of these children.

The depositor would have the option to select the child, orphanage or special school, area etc. or to leave the further selection of the beneficiary to the Head of the orphanage/special school or to the Mission.

The criteria for the selection of the child are as follows:

     1. Must be between the age group of 5 and 18.
     2. Must be mentally or physically challenged.
     3. Must be a school going resident of an orphanage or a student of a special school which can be in the government, aided or unaided sector and recognized by GOK or GOI.

The incentive amount generated from the deposit shall be released to the head of the institution, shall spend it only on any of the following items for the beneficiary child.

1.      Medical care including surgery and special equipment.

2.      Tuition Fees, including special tuition.

3.      Nutritional supplement.

4.      Clothes.

5.      Computer.

If any organization, whether in India or abroad, manages to attract at least 100 deposits of Rs. One lakh each, in a financial year, then such organization would be paid an incentive equal to 0.5% of the total deposits. This would be paid only after all the deposits canvassed by the organization completes one year of deposit.

In order to make contributions to CSR activities, depositors can forward their contributions (Rs. One lakh or its multiples) as Cheque / Demand Drafts / Cash to:


The Executive Director

Kerala Social Security Mission

Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram



Executive Director
Kerala Social Security Mission,
2nd Floor, Social Welfare Institutional Complex,
Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram – 695012

Contact Number  0471-2341200