Kerala Social Security Mission (KSSM), organized under Social Justice Department, has a mission to extend service and support to the destitute, poor, aged, children, women, chronically ill cancer patients and other weaker sections of population. Kerala Social security mission identifies, undertakes and implements social security projects for the weaker sections. KSSM strives to revamp institutions under the Social Justice Department to make them more comfortable to the inmates. KSSM creates facilities for centralised food processing and food supplementation to poor patients undergoing treatment in government hospitals and rehabilitate patients discharged from hospitals who have nowhere to go. To make our society a balanced one, health status of poor should be addressed and Social security mission draws up programmes for improving the health status by providing nutrition standards food to the poor. Mission is constantly working to identify the weaker section that are striving to recoup with the advancing world and was effectively functioning to retain their status in the society. KSSM is deeply dedicated to differently abled persons, destitute and those who demand care and deserve protection in our society. 
Taking up the welfare of its people as responsibility of the state, the Social Justice Department of Kerala has joined hands with various departments and agencies to fulfill its duties towards the society. As part of the initiatives, the Social Security Mission was set up as per the Government Order no: G.O (MS) No: 56 / 2008/ SWD dated 14-10-2008. The mission is registered as a Charitable Society under the Government of Kerala with registration number T-1749/08.The headquarters of the organisation is in Thiruvananthapuram. The Governing Body consists of the Minister for Higher Education & Social Justice as the Chairman and the Addl. Chief Secretary to Government (Social Justice) as Vice-chairman. Government of Kerala has provided an amount of Rupees 65 crore as corpus fund for the activities of the Mission.