The Government of Kerala has given utmost importance to carry out social welfare measures covering the needy sections of the population. Kerala has taken the lead to show that state can provide social security to all those in need by harnessing its resources and mobilizing public participation. Through hard work, thoughtful stewardship, and single- minded focus on the needs of the society, we strive to make a lasting difference among the lives of children, elderly, Persons with Disability, Chronically ill, bedridden patients their families & community. Unsheltered, diseased, uncared, neglected, deviant people usually do not have a place in the modern society. However, this stark reality, if once encountered leaves a wound that does not heal unless cared for and nurtured.

This isolation and agony are a result not only of the radical changes in the economic arena, but also due to the rapid phases in the social, technological, scientific and medical scenario. Keeping this as the focus “We - Care’ intends to extend its hands to the public initiating them not only to help economically, but also making them realize the potential of the people being an impending power and aid to the government in promoting such humanitarian activities.  The tasks of the Social Security Mission are challenging, while identifying Kerala’s Social needs are easy, their redress is not. The Government of Kerala has begun these efforts by starting Kerala Social Security Mission with a corpus fund of the State Government. There are limitations to what a government can do alone. It needs a support from all philanthropists and the leading organizations to move forward and enlarge the programs with newer initiatives that result in relevant social impact.

To achieve this aim, Social Justice Department proposes to start a gateway “We - Care” to mobilize funds. This is basically a relief fund to address the social security needs of the society. The donations/ Contributions from the public/ organizations can be collected under this project. The funds mobilized through the Payment Gateway will not be utilized for administrative purposes or overhead charges. Monitoring of this project will be assessed through statutory financial audit & social audit. Kerala Social Security Mission is proposing we - care not only to collect contribution for various charity programmes but also to propagate the message of charity, civic sense and social responsibility among the society.