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It is proposed to provide rice based meal with vegetable curry during lunch time. The patients will be given meal totally at free of cost at the hospitals / specified location. Lunch will be provided at free of cost to general public including bystanders. About 2500 persons on an average are presently being provided free lunch in Kozhikode Medical College

Scheme Details

The project titled “Hunger Free City” aims to provide highly subsidized meals once a day to public at designated  centers in a city and it is aimed at ensuring that no person in the city goes without at least one square meal a day.

Short Description

Kozhikode is the first city chosen for this. Now it’s implemented in Malappuram, Kollam & Trivandrum as well.

Eligibility Criteria

All people

Other Details

The Scheme is being extended to Trivandrum Medical Colleges/ Government Hospitals also. Patients and bystanders will be free to come to these centers to take food during lunch time.

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