Various Schemes by the Government of Kerala


The entire cost of treatment, including the cost of investigations, would be borne by the hospitals through the funds provided by the Mission. The ceiling of expenditure per child would be initiallRead more



Children are the greatest assets of our nation. Investing in them is investing for a better future for our country & for our world. Considering all the reality of theRead more


THALOLAM For Children/

A patient will be eligible for an initial assistance of Rs. 50,000/- only under this scheme.

Additional financial assistance can be met based on the decision of the SuperintendeRead more


ASWASAKIRANAM For Senior Citizen/Differently Abled/

The scheme came into effect from 02/08/10 and all those who have been providing care giving service to patients since 02/08/10 will be paid monthly assistance with retrospective effect. This is apaRead more


HUNGER FREE CITY For Chronic Illness/

Kozhikode is the first city chosen for this. Now it’s implemented in Malappuram, Kollam & Trivandrum as well.

Read more


VAYOMITHRAM For Senior Citizen/

The project was implemented as a joint initiative to LSGD in the area. The main objective of the scheme is to provide free health care to the old age people.

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KARUNYA DEPOSIT For Differently Abled/

The depositor would have the option to select the child, orphanage or special school, area etc. or to leave the further selection of the beneficiary to the Head of the orRead more



As a part of this programme girls belonging to poor families are provided with a marriage assistance dole of Rs 50,000 each using the funds raised by Individuals, CorporaRead more


SNEHASANTHWANAM For Differently Abled/Chronic Illness/

The scheme acts as a relief measure for the Endosulfan victims in the state. Children studying in buds school – Rs 2000/-  Children studying in class 1 toRead more


SAMASHWASAM For Chronic Illness/

This scheme provides financial assistance to the following 4 categories of patients. The main objective of the scheme is to provide care and protection to the weaker sectRead more



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